Advantages of Billtobox

Correct and automated entry of figures

Manual data entry is slow and not always error-free. Automating data input helps you keep errors to a minimum. A great way to save time!

Easy to use

Receiving invoices, coda files, an overview of your customer base, sending files to your bookkeeping package: all of this can be done on your Billtobox environment.

Gain time

Quarterly stress becomes quarterly fun. No more running after invoices.

Our smart OCR scans all your invoices. The data is automatically transferred to your bookkeeping software via Billtobox, leaving you more time to spend in advising your clients.

Cost savings

Keeping track of invoices, prints, file folders, and so on: thanks to Billtobox you have everything at your digital fingertips, and in a secure environment.

As we retain all your files for seven years there is no need for you to unnecessarily waste any paper, ink and archive space.
"Thanks to Billtobox, we give our customers exactly what they want: all cares taken off their shoulders"

Xavier Delattre


Bookkeeping program - Automatic connection:

Bookkeeping program - Manual connection: