Part 3: A digital administration = better collaboration with your accountant

More and more entrepreneurs are starting to realize it: plowing through piles of paper every day is outdated. Especially in the field of accounting, the many digital possibilities allow you to work with much more efficiency, quality and structure. The road to digital accounting may seem long and full of hurdles and question marks, but that isn’t necessarily the case… After part one (Why a digital administration is the way to go) and part two (The best time to start making the switch), you’re ready for part three of our ‘ultimate digital guide’:

This is part three of a four-part blog series. Soon we’ll also publish our free e-guide 'Digitizing administration'. Leave your details at the bottom of this page to make sure you receive a notification when it’s available!


Have you already got a digital administration in place? Then you've come a long way. In fact, you’ve probably noticed that your efforts are starting to pay off: you get your administration in order a lot faster than before and without evoking resistance, and you have a much clearer overview of all your data. But it gets even better: now that all your administration is available digitally, you can exchange it with your accountant without leaving the house. Your collaboration has become a lot smoother, more pleasant and more useful.


Are you still delivering piles of paper to your accountant? Then we advise you to read why it's best to exchange those folders and cabinets for a digital administration as soon as possible in part one and part two of this blog series.

How does it work?

Most digital administration solutions offer the possibility to convert information into UBL, e-fff or Peppol formats. These are all formats that can be read by accounting software.

And now that we're firing technical terms at you anyway, let’s add one more: OCR. Optical Character Recognition software is a major time-saver. When you scan receipts or import PDF invoices, the OCR software automatically recognizes and registers the information. That way, the customer or supplier details are processed and added to your customer or supplier lists on your platform, including account numbers, VAT numbers and the owed amounts. In addition to saving you an enormous amount of time, it also reduces the risk of errors.

In short: thanks to a digital administration, you can deliver all your documents to your accountant in an orderly, complete and error-free manner, with just one click. Think about all the stress, frustration, time and energy you’re saving.


Win-win for you and your accountant

And your accountant? He or she no longer has to worry about sorting through documents and integrating data into the system. Also, because busy periods – like VAT returns – run much more smoothly now, your accountant will have more time to assist you with expertise. Even more so, a faster and more complete overview of the status of your company allows your accountant to take a closer look at your overall finances, allowing them to guide and advise you even more meticulously, in a way that’s more in line with your current financial data.

The digital possibilities are not limited to invoices: you can also digitally centralize and organize contracts, insurances and other documents and share them electronically with your accountant to save even more time. 

Stay up-to-date

With a digitized administration and a nicely streamlined internal process, you have already taken a big step. If you use that to work smarter with your accountant, then that step becomes a big leap. You can read how to do that next week on blog 4 of our series. Soon we will also publish our free e-guide "Digitizing your administration". Would you like to be notified when it appears? Please leave your details at the bottom of this page. We'll keep you informed!

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