How does Billtobox work

1. Download the free Billtobox app via Itunes or Google Play Store.

2. Apply for an account and we'll send you an activation link to start using Billtobox. Would you like us to contact your accountant? Fill in the form at the bottom of this page with your accountant’s contact details. We'll contact him/her so that he/she can activate Billtobox too.

3. Create or import all your invoices, receipts and expenses in or into Billtobox. Our smart OCR immediately recognises the data and will send it to your accountant in a matter of seconds.

What can you do with Billtobox?

  • Scan your receipts using the camera of your smartphone
  • Create sales invoices and send them directly to your customers
  • Track your payments and see when you receive them
  • Automatically send invoices and expense forms to your accountant
  • Archive your invoices safely for 7 years
  • Receive updates from your accountant
  • Etc.