About Billtobox

Billtobox is a product of Unifiedpost Group. It is a digital meeting place where bookkeepers/accountants and their clients work together. Billtobox cuts back administrative red tape to save you time.

Who is Unifiedpost Group?

Unifiedpost is a Belgian Business-Process-as-a-Service provider (BPaaS). We develop transactional software with the aim of continuously improving multi-stakeholder and document-based business processes.

Unifiedpost Group offers a full-scale technology portfolio for identity and document management, payments, payment management and app stores with value-added services. We support companies and B2B communities. We offer them everyday solutions such as invoicing, but also more complex solutions such as ‘FinTech’, which makes trade financing services possible (e.g. dynamic discounts and invoices).

Unlike many point-solution providers, Unifiedpost Group is the one-stop-shop for streamlining your financial value chain.
2.500.000 Connected 
180.000 SME
1.500 Corporate, Enterprise 
& Government clients 


300.000.000 Transactions
14 Countries
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